November 2019

Why SOLARGROUP is trusted by 5000 partners around the world

No serious and promising business can exist without a global mission and clearly elaborated mechanism for implementing it.

Partnership with SOLARGROUP attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world mainly due to our mission and principles.
In our turn, we appreciate our partners and therefore, we have introduced such partner program advantages that people do not only join the company but stay with it for a long time.
- Remote work and the freedom it provides.Convenient multi-functional back office allows you to work from any place wordwide.
- Convenient and comprehensible marketing plan. From 15% in remuneration payments from the first line and up to 20 levels deep.
- Instant crediting of commission fees and withdrawal of funds at any time convenient for you.
- Possibility of withdrawal using a large variety of payment systems ( BitCoin, AdvCash US$, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Advcash RUR, Visa/MasterCard (Russian cards), Visa/MasterCard (Kazakhstan cards).
- Promotional materials will help make high-quality presentations. At the same time you can fine-tune them staying within the framework of our brand style.
- Website translated into 18 languages allows to easily work with the investors and partners around the globe.
- Regular training for the partners. Online and offline workshops by the experts with the highest level of education account for your personal growth.
24/7 technical customer support for the investors and partners. It will help to solve a lot of difficulties.
- The experience of other project partners allows to learn from their success stories.

SOLARGROUP has proven to be a reliable company thanks to the successful development of the international project "Duyunov's motors". In the course of 2 years we have been attracting investments into it and it is steadily going towards the set goal.

After completing the current project, SOLARGROUP will continue working with other innovative startups selecting only the best projects. Our company sets large-scale goals for many years ahead and aims to achieve them. The company partners will also be able to bring their partner structures into them and continue doing business successfully.

If you can think globally, appreciate freedom and big prospects in business, join the team of SOLARGROUP.

We are waiting for and constantly encouraging active partners!

Rating of the countries with the biggest investments in the project

To recap, in November we launched the international competition for getting into the TOP 5 national representative offices. The countries whose citizens invested most money into the project get the maximum points in the rating.

The results of the second competition week are completely the same as those of the first week:

Place 1 — India — 10 points
Place 2 — Vietnam — 9 points
Place 3 — Germany — 8 points
Place 4 — Bulgaria — 7 points
Place 5 — Côte d'Ivoire — 6 points

After the two contest weeks the common rating is the following:

Place 1 — India — 20 points
Place 2 — Vietnam — 18 points
Place 3 — Germany — 16 points
Place 4 — Bulgaria — 14 points
Place 5 — Côte d'Ivoire — 12 points

Our congratulations to the intermediate leader - India! However, other countries have every chance to go up in the rating and win according to the month or investment stage results. Everything is in the hands of every investor and partner. Join in!

SOLARGROUP // What projects we choose for doing business

The company SOLARGROUP has been successfully funding and developing the project "Duyunov's motors" for over two years. We undertake the responsibility for the whole process of investment. It allows the team of development engineers to effectively work on the technology itself without being distracted by other activities.

SOLARGROUP ensures that all of our startup are up-to-date for the market and interesting for the investors. This is a formula of successful partner activity. Our company's partners do not need to spend time and effort on analyzing the projects to choose for doing business. We are doing it for you.

There is a department in SOLARGROUP that works on selecting the ideas and technologies for the future projects.

The choice is based on certain principles and rules:
- projects for funding and promotion are connected with technology and innovative development;
- the technology solves the environmental and energy efficiency issues, improves the quality of life for mankind;
- the project complies with the modern global challenges and the problems the international community is facing;
- the development is based on the basic scientific principles and new fundamental discoveries that set the direction for further development of the technology;
- the competitive ability of the technology provides the super high level of the business profitability after implementing the project so that crowdinvesting is deemed as an appropriate method of funding;
- the technology is approved by independent expert laboratories and has patent clearance;
- the development is unique, there is no rival solution on the market;
- the project can grow capitalization by means of the team's intellectual activity, in other terms, the main value is the technology itself, not the final product made using the technology.
SOLARGROUP works on the so-called second-line projects whose goal is to upscale the original technology.
For instance, for the project "Duyunov's motors" it is the construction of plants producing general purpose industrial motors with combined winding.

All the project of SOLARGROUP are implemented on the same fine-tuned platform using the verified instruments. Currently we are actively searching for new promising projects.
Our partners can participate in them by shifting the structure they already have, which makes doing business considerably easier and boosts profitability.

The most large-scale opening of the national representative office

As soon as tomorrow! The most large-scale opening of the national representative office in the history of the project "Duyunov's motors" 

Over 700 people will participate in the International conference in New Delhi on Saturday, November 16!

Can't attend the event? Connect to the event online!
We will broadcast the event live online in Hindi, Russian and English. To connect to the stream follow the link:
RU -
EN -
HI -

Please be reminded that the conference starts at 08:00 local time.

For the first time such an event will be attended by Victor Arestov, the head of the company ASPP Weihai that modernizes motors using the "Slavyanka" technology and installs them on vehicles.
He will tell the audience what projects in the Asian region and in India specifically his enterprise is participating in.

John William, the chief executive officer of the company AWEV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will make a speech for the conference guests.The company is the distributor of ASPP Weihai motors in India.
The joint efforts of both enterprises have resulted in starting the production of tuk-tuks and pickups with Duyunov's motors in the near future.

The conference guests will be able to see the model of such a tuk-tuk with a DA-100S motor. Besides, they will have a chance to see the electric motorcycle Rush with a DA-90S motor.

There will be much more interesting speakers at the event: the top officials of the company SOLARGROUP Sergey Semyonov, Pavel Filippov and Pavel Shadskiy.
And also the leading project partners in India Rajesh Kumar, Kishor Kishanlal Vyas and Kiranjeet R. Singh headed by the national representative Gulshan Kumar Birdi.
We have previously announced their speeches

Join the large-scale international event in the project "Duyunov's motors"!

The week results in the project "Duyunov's motor"

A breakthrough in Thailand! A number of important events happened for the last week that demonstrated the acknowledgment of the "Slavyanka" technology in the South Asian region.

All of this news is connected with the activity of Victor Arestov's company ASPP Weihai Technology that is currently participating in several Thai projects at the same time.

The motors modernized using Duyunov's technology and controller produced by ASPP Weihai have been officially acknowledged. After the successful tests at the University of Bangkok, these developments were acknowledged as the best among the rivals and got the certificate at the "E-TukTuk Conversion Contest 2019" event. In the near future, the Thai tuk-tuks will be equipped with combined winding electric motors.

Another project Victor Arestov's company participates in - modernizing traditional Thai boats - is developing at a rapid pace.We have written about it in more detail here —

In the course of the passing week, a boat equipped with a combined winding electric motor DA-100SL and controller produced by ASPP Weihai as well as a solar panel was launched in order to test it in operation and make the required adjustments. On November 11 the boat will be introduced to the prime minister of Thailand.

We are often asked why Victor Arestov's achievements are associated with the project "Duyunov's motors". Can they interfere with the activity of the company "SovElMash"?
The project founders believe and constantly remind that, on the contrary: thanks to the activity of licensed winding specialists, the "Slavyanka" technology is becoming more popular and requested worldwide. New far-reaching prospects are appearing for the activity of the "SovElMash" future innovative centre. Dmitriy Duyunov once again answered these questions within the framework of the regular webinar held last Thursday.
Testing size 100 motors produced in Russia and modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology was held in the "SovElMash" laboratory. In the course of testing, it was proved that it's possible to make a motor with the performance features of class IE4 and higher in the frame of class IE1 motor with the same basic dimensions. Here we published an interesting video in which the leading engineers of "SovElMash" announced the practical results and interpreted them in the context of the regulatory documents -

"SovElMash" is getting ready for putting into operation a big test bench: it is already connected to the cooling system, equipped with controllers, some additional equipment is expected to arrive to complete the works.

For the company SOLARGROUP, the week was marked by preparation to a number of International conferences. The nearest one will be held in a week on November 16 in New Delhi. Hungary is the next country after India to open the national representative office. In Budapest the conference will be held on November 30. On December 7 the project team will be welcomed in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The first solar panel boat with Duyunov's motor has been launched!

The project in Thailand is moving ahead at a remarkably fast pace. Let us remind you that Victor Arestov's company ASPP Weihai in partnership with Hanergy Glory and the University of Bangkok is modernizing a tourist boat. Recently we have already told you about the project —

The DA-100SL motor modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology and controller developed by ASPP Weihai was mounted on a traditional Thai boat and a solar panel Hanergy Glory was mounted on the roof.

On November 7 the boat was launched and the procedure of setting and adjusting the controller started.
The noise-free boat was gladly welcomed by the locals who the project is aimed at.
Thai boats with internal combustion engines that are very harmful to both the environment and people are a very popular means of transport here.

The authorities of Thailand and local eco-tourism movement are aware of the acute environmental issue and that's the reason why they have launched the project aimed at:
- getting rid the rivers from the noise and emissions petrol motors are accountable for,
- restoring the ecology of the water basins,
- improving the infrastructure and quality of life for the population,
- making the water transport more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

A tourist boat covers up to 40 kilometres per day and the amount of sunny days in the region is so big that recharging won't be needed much, though this option will be provided at the rental stations.

On November 11 the project will be introduced to the prime minister of Thailand. Its creators and the environmental movement activists are full of enthusiasm and hope that it will become an example for other countries in the South Asian region where water transport is well developed too. It will be possible to successfully use combined winding motors and solar panels on fishing boats too.

As a matter of fact, we are witnessing Duyunov's technology making a statement on a large nationwide scale. There are a lot of development prospects ahead!

What makes the "SovElMash" developmentsbetter than the rivals?

Let's tackle this question together with Alexander Sudarev.

Most induction motors in the world are produced using outdated technologies and equipment. It hinders the step forward in improving the quality of motors.

In this context the advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology become apparent.
The mere rewinding of electric motors without introducing any changes to the hardware part considerably improves the motor performance. Thus, motors in the IE1 class frame demonstrate the performance of energy efficiency class IE3.
However, it's possible to achieve even better results if a combined winding motor is developed from scratch.

"SovElMash" is using the most cutting-edge additive technologies for producing electric motors. The laser equipment is used to make rotors and stators with the ultimately high quality that is visually noticeable even to non-professionals. And their performance considerably excels the rivals.

The cutting-edge equipment is important for producing high-quality tooling for different size motors. "SovElMash" uses their own 3D printers for making motor winding tooling.

The high-tech "internals" made using the modern equipment in combination with the unique technology and professional expertise of the specialists allow "SovElMash" to produce new-generation electric motors.

It's possible to align a full-scale production process only in a specialized innovative centre we are constructing at the moment.