Rating of the countries with the biggest investments in the project

Rating of the countries with the biggest investments in the project

To recap, in November we launched the international competition for getting into the TOP 5 national representative offices. The countries whose citizens invested most money into the project get the maximum points in the rating.

The results of the second competition week are completely the same as those of the first week:

Place 1 — India — 10 points
Place 2 — Vietnam — 9 points
Place 3 — Germany — 8 points
Place 4 — Bulgaria — 7 points
Place 5 — Côte d'Ivoire — 6 points

After the two contest weeks the common rating is the following:

Place 1 — India — 20 points
Place 2 — Vietnam — 18 points
Place 3 — Germany — 16 points
Place 4 — Bulgaria — 14 points
Place 5 — Côte d'Ivoire — 12 points

Our congratulations to the intermediate leader - India! However, other countries have every chance to go up in the rating and win according to the month or investment stage results. Everything is in the hands of every investor and partner. Join in!
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