SOLARGROUP // What projects we choose for doing business

SOLARGROUP // What projects we choose for doing business

The company SOLARGROUP has been successfully funding and developing the project "Duyunov's motors" for over two years. We undertake the responsibility for the whole process of investment. It allows the team of development engineers to effectively work on the technology itself without being distracted by other activities.

SOLARGROUP ensures that all of our startup are up-to-date for the market and interesting for the investors. This is a formula of successful partner activity. Our company's partners do not need to spend time and effort on analyzing the projects to choose for doing business. We are doing it for you.

There is a department in SOLARGROUP that works on selecting the ideas and technologies for the future projects.

The choice is based on certain principles and rules:
- projects for funding and promotion are connected with technology and innovative development;
- the technology solves the environmental and energy efficiency issues, improves the quality of life for mankind;
- the project complies with the modern global challenges and the problems the international community is facing;
- the development is based on the basic scientific principles and new fundamental discoveries that set the direction for further development of the technology;
- the competitive ability of the technology provides the super high level of the business profitability after implementing the project so that crowdinvesting is deemed as an appropriate method of funding;
- the technology is approved by independent expert laboratories and has patent clearance;
- the development is unique, there is no rival solution on the market;
- the project can grow capitalization by means of the team's intellectual activity, in other terms, the main value is the technology itself, not the final product made using the technology.
SOLARGROUP works on the so-called second-line projects whose goal is to upscale the original technology.
For instance, for the project "Duyunov's motors" it is the construction of plants producing general purpose industrial motors with combined winding.

All the project of SOLARGROUP are implemented on the same fine-tuned platform using the verified instruments. Currently we are actively searching for new promising projects.
Our partners can participate in them by shifting the structure they already have, which makes doing business considerably easier and boosts profitability.

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