The first solar panel boat with Duyunov's motor has been launched!

The first solar panel boat with Duyunov's motor has been launched!

The project in Thailand is moving ahead at a remarkably fast pace. Let us remind you that Victor Arestov's company ASPP Weihai in partnership with Hanergy Glory and the University of Bangkok is modernizing a tourist boat. Recently we have already told you about the project —

The DA-100SL motor modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology and controller developed by ASPP Weihai was mounted on a traditional Thai boat and a solar panel Hanergy Glory was mounted on the roof.

On November 7 the boat was launched and the procedure of setting and adjusting the controller started.
The noise-free boat was gladly welcomed by the locals who the project is aimed at.
Thai boats with internal combustion engines that are very harmful to both the environment and people are a very popular means of transport here.

The authorities of Thailand and local eco-tourism movement are aware of the acute environmental issue and that's the reason why they have launched the project aimed at:
- getting rid the rivers from the noise and emissions petrol motors are accountable for,
- restoring the ecology of the water basins,
- improving the infrastructure and quality of life for the population,
- making the water transport more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

A tourist boat covers up to 40 kilometres per day and the amount of sunny days in the region is so big that recharging won't be needed much, though this option will be provided at the rental stations.

On November 11 the project will be introduced to the prime minister of Thailand. Its creators and the environmental movement activists are full of enthusiasm and hope that it will become an example for other countries in the South Asian region where water transport is well developed too. It will be possible to successfully use combined winding motors and solar panels on fishing boats too.

As a matter of fact, we are witnessing Duyunov's technology making a statement on a large nationwide scale. There are a lot of development prospects ahead!
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