The most large-scale opening of the national representative office

The most large-scale opening of the national representative office

As soon as tomorrow! The most large-scale opening of the national representative office in the history of the project "Duyunov's motors" 

Over 700 people will participate in the International conference in New Delhi on Saturday, November 16!

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Please be reminded that the conference starts at 08:00 local time.

For the first time such an event will be attended by Victor Arestov, the head of the company ASPP Weihai that modernizes motors using the "Slavyanka" technology and installs them on vehicles.
He will tell the audience what projects in the Asian region and in India specifically his enterprise is participating in.

John William, the chief executive officer of the company AWEV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will make a speech for the conference guests.The company is the distributor of ASPP Weihai motors in India.
The joint efforts of both enterprises have resulted in starting the production of tuk-tuks and pickups with Duyunov's motors in the near future.

The conference guests will be able to see the model of such a tuk-tuk with a DA-100S motor. Besides, they will have a chance to see the electric motorcycle Rush with a DA-90S motor.

There will be much more interesting speakers at the event: the top officials of the company SOLARGROUP Sergey Semyonov, Pavel Filippov and Pavel Shadskiy.
And also the leading project partners in India Rajesh Kumar, Kishor Kishanlal Vyas and Kiranjeet R. Singh headed by the national representative Gulshan Kumar Birdi.
We have previously announced their speeches

Join the large-scale international event in the project "Duyunov's motors"!
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