What makes the "SovElMash" developmentsbetter than the rivals?

What makes the "SovElMash" developmentsbetter than the rivals?

Let's tackle this question together with Alexander Sudarev.

Most induction motors in the world are produced using outdated technologies and equipment. It hinders the step forward in improving the quality of motors.


In this context the advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology become apparent.
The mere rewinding of electric motors without introducing any changes to the hardware part considerably improves the motor performance. Thus, motors in the IE1 class frame demonstrate the performance of energy efficiency class IE3.
However, it's possible to achieve even better results if a combined winding motor is developed from scratch.

"SovElMash" is using the most cutting-edge additive technologies for producing electric motors. The laser equipment is used to make rotors and stators with the ultimately high quality that is visually noticeable even to non-professionals. And their performance considerably excels the rivals.

The cutting-edge equipment is important for producing high-quality tooling for different size motors. "SovElMash" uses their own 3D printers for making motor winding tooling.

The high-tech "internals" made using the modern equipment in combination with the unique technology and professional expertise of the specialists allow "SovElMash" to produce new-generation electric motors.

It's possible to align a full-scale production process only in a specialized innovative centre we are constructing at the moment.
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